Venture to make money to make the 5 big business to make money

young people are always full of passion, always so forward, a lot of people on the road to go on the road is very bumpy, but has not given up, the dream lit life, entrepreneurship change life. Ma is undoubtedly in this era of grassroots heroes and entrepreneurial idol, he has become a China venture known to every family godfather, his successful business case may not directly bring success to entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurs can be given a hint, a perspective, a piece of advice, an encouragement.

the world can not do business

Alibaba’s purpose is to "let the world is not difficult to do business, and Ali mother purpose is" the world is not so difficult to do advertising, direct call for "a little money can go to settlement, then a small website can also sell advertising slogan.

entrepreneurial success is: a gallbladder, two forces, the three Kung Fu

: the first is courage, second is the power, the third is Kung fu. This is the sort of method of entrepreneurial period in this regard, Ma repeatedly published speech, emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship and courage. Ma’s entrepreneurial history can be seen, in fact, courage is the first capital of successful entrepreneurship".

to the dream of entrepreneurship plug wings

entrepreneurs must first have a dream, it is very important. If you don’t have a dream, do what you do. Second, there must be perseverance, perseverance is not done, the godfather of entrepreneurship in Ma Yun’s view, to the dream of entrepreneurship to plug in the wings to fly farther, because the short fervor is not valuable, only lasting passion is to make money.

The secret of

‘s success: grab the focus of business

the success of any enterprise, are derived from the accurate market positioning. Global management guru Rahm. As pointed out: accurate market positioning is the base of enterprise profit, which was also the basis can earn money, Ma secret of success lies in grasping the businessmen concerned focus of buying and selling, buying and selling to the merchant’s merchandise information free "paste" on the website of Alibaba. Is considered to be consistent with the characteristics China Asia especially the development of B2B model.

can not see a small amount of entrepreneurs, never earn a lot of money

almost all of the business leaders in order to avoid waste, will find ways to save money, even in the eyes of outsiders is a stingy person, it is because of their austerity, only the brilliant achievements of the enterprise, to achieve personal career, from the economic point of view, the main goal of business is to a profit, and it can directly increase the profits and reduce waste. Because each save a penny, are the real profit is recommended

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