Seventy woman created Dongguan Niang brand making traditional delicacy achievements entrepreneurial

women in the field of entrepreneurship increased, this change not only in the city, the scale of rural women’s entrepreneurial army is also growing. Rural women also make use of their own advantages and characteristics of rural resources to create a new channel to become rich.

The government

in the water security Wai Gaobu town five village, an ordinary family, the hostess asked Chen female. She every day from early to late, from 1:30 in the morning to get up to do water of traditional folk delicacy, so insisted for 34 years. From her hand, village folk pastry, mouth overflowing, the city of Dongguan towns street have her "fans", even from Jiangsu, Chongqing and other places of diners, through the express way to taste the taste of the cake.

"public entrepreneurship, innovation, entrepreneurship is Gaobu women to become a beautiful landscape.


"Gaobu sisters entrepreneurial spirit let us very touched, the women’s Federation as their maiden who recommended

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