Xi’an evening news launched a free training program for women entrepreneurs

female entrepreneurship is often faced with the problem of lack of technology and funds, and women at the same time also pay attention to the family business, the pressure is huge. Xi’an evening news launched a free training program for women entrepreneurs, a round of entrepreneurial dream for women.

don’t as "her" problem, this winter, free training for female entrepreneurship came to me! As long as you are successful in the hotline registration, you can enjoy the expert on-site training, and visit the world’s top 500 enterprises. If you become one of the outstanding entrepreneurial practice, as well as financial support, all the way to support the expansion of your career. By the Xi’an Municipal Women’s Federation, the Shaanxi Provincial Youth Development Foundation sponsored by the Xi’an evening news, Coca Cola Co to support the "520 women entrepreneurs dream forum" to Xi’an, don’t hesitate, it may miss the important moment missed the life changing!

the event organizers Xi’an city women’s Federation responsible person, the current female employment market mainly by migrant women and female college students as the main force. While women migrant workers lack of professional skills, the electronic age, lack of information is the main factor of their troubled employment and entrepreneurship; female college students are not open, limited understanding of the social status of view of employment.

the public lecture by Coca-Cola 520 project support. The aim of the project is to help 5 million women in the world to overcome the obstacles and difficulties they face in 2020, through the retail business skills and Internet technology training, financial assistance and other measures to achieve successful business. By the end of 2013, a total of 16200 women had participated in the training in china. 120 women applied for small loans. The event is now coming to Xi’an, Xi’an women to bring free training opportunities for entrepreneurship, quota is limited, I hope the early registration of female friends.

520 classroom training + funding to solve your problem

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