The success of the online store business secrets

many people regard the electronic catalog as a network shop. Part of the network company is to provide the content of the sample shop, another account has become a network store. But we firmly believe that the success of the online store operators can not only be modular electronic directory. Imagine when you are in the online shopping, see the same commodity information and commodity pictures. So what are the key factors that affect your choice of shopping in that online store? The lowest price? If your own online store can not win in terms of price, then what are the characteristics of consumers can be favored, willing to shop in your online store. How to create and operate a network of shops with a unique style, is the key to success for many individual online stores.   when we observe the Japanese well-known network market good store case, when the body is a hot commodity, a middle-aged shopkeeper burst of creativity, he will want to sell "infrared" sweat wearing a corset and weighed after taking pictures, along his shop, set a jogging route each to a fixed point, then take pictures, to return to the store, take off your coat and then weight, body weight decreased 0.5 kg was found. He will each process photos are arranged on a list of goods. Just imagine, such a description of goods, whether to buy than in all the games have seen the same hot commodity pictures and text description format is more convincing?! another observation cases, is a farm, their goods are the "egg". At the beginning of the shop, shop manager and consultant EC discussion, there are some questioned the suitability of an egg to open online store!? but the result is that the manager will not only complete the egg quality, growth record more carefully to his surroundings with all the chicken farms, so that consumers can see this simple one egg is how to produce, to reach the hands of consumers, so that consumers are more comfortable buying. Therefore, the establishment of a long-term customer base with them, and the development of other eggs related products. Why has repeatedly emphasized the characteristics of commodity information and store customer service information integrity? If you do some statistics, you will find… When a consumer enters your network store for the first time, it is a coincidence that how many will happen. The most important key coincidence is that your goods are what he is looking for or want to buy, and decided to buy in your store. To provide consumers with the most complete product information and "meet consumer expectations" customer service, is a key factor for a successful online store. There are hundreds of kinds of consumers, not the requirements of each person, it is difficult to make people satisfied. That is what the customer’s expectations!? on a network of stores, all of the customers received information is on the web, the manager if there is no clear instructions, let the consumer imagination, natural drop may thus be disappointed, or because consumers think not to meet the needs of the service standard and lose purchase wishes. Most of the shop service mechanism provides only belongs to the rack mounted directory module, regardless of how the particular goods, merchandise information presented in the same way, can provide a wealth of additional instructions and play shops and unique style of the commodity itself. Can not be like the above recommendation

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