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in the current venture to join the road, joining the business is constantly increasing, we all hope that they are not desperate, but there are a few people now join the investment projects have a deep understanding of it? This requires us to carefully step by step to explore.

Get general information at the first sight of the franchisor franchisee

second step to obtain a unified franchise announcement of these files, generally known as UFOC, is the U.S. Federal Trade Commission requirements of franchising enterprises to provide public information file, the file format is unified, business requirements and operating conditions indicate the enterprise. Through it, potential franchisees can learn the full information of the franchisor. These documents will involve:

in these documents, some franchisors will provide earnings in which, although it is not required to do so. If the franchisor has a description of the profitability, it is good for you, greatly saving the time you used to know. However, even if this part of the content has been included in the UFOC file, you and other people who have joined the phone and access to communication, it should still be your most urgent concern.

third step call and visit the franchisee has any franchise system, the most valuable source is already existing franchisees. Calls and visits should be an important part of your investigation. This may sound like a cliche, but remember that the people who have joined in, no matter how similar they are, still have to decide whether you want to join or not. To visit enough franchisees, so

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