How can managers do use

is an enterprise to be successful, need an unshakable team managers how to manage their own team, make use of it, we work together to explore. Use, the management process is at least four things, and not just people. The four things are:

first, understand the subordinates, subordinates understand

Second, the discovery of talent and culture

The use of

personnel, reasonable

Fourth, understand the need to achieve business or management goals (talent)

How do

the premise is as a manager or manager, you really know that in order to achieve their goals to do what things? Know well! If you don’t even know about this, or do not know, is not specific, there is no so-called use. Goals or processes are not understood, how to talk about management? How to use? Would have killed countless lives.

the first thing to understand. Modern management is becoming more and more refined, more and more complicated, the market competition and the change in the change rapidly changes, things may not be followed which aspects of wishful thinking development. Therefore, it is necessary for managers to have a strong practical ability and adaptability. There is no way to die. So you want to use the first should clearly know their "use" is the need to know their needs, it may be reasonable consumption. The use of talent is also a kind of consumption. Otherwise, there is no such thing as good or bad.

Do you want to use

> will be.

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