Starting from the business to do

a lot of people think of the business too great, I think I want to go to business is to do something that others have not done, I have to make a great undertaking to do something. In fact, entrepreneurship is not the case, starting from the business to do things, entrepreneurship is a process of accumulation slowly!

start just to "feed themselves"

study, part-time tutor, to earn a living doing campus agent for Xu Xianshuo, perhaps is a kind of choice. However, it is in this process, he has a business, to their own work, the idea – I can find someone else to tutor, to help others introduce part-time job ah." Thus, the idea of the establishment of the campus service alliance, in Xu Xianshuo’s mind as a restless, can not let go of the idea. I think, this campus service alliance, the school’s outstanding college students resources together, can do training, do part-time, do a lot of things." Here, Xu Xianshuo some excitement, now their team has five or six people, although the company has not yet registered, but we have been busy with "business", "this summer, hoping to open up the service alliance."

try more for "comprehensive development"

During the

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