Ma Yun entrepreneurs in the ten mistakes entrepreneurs worth learning

Ma said the money, MA in the end how much money? Let’s say that we are 5 million in the lottery every day, the need for a continuous period of 87 years, on the premise that you can live for another 87 years and Ma Yun’s assets or so much now.

9 19, Alibaba will be listed on the NYSE, the amount of financing will be as high as $24 billion. Ali listed, Alibaba founder Ma will become China’s richest man, Alibaba will become China’s largest Internet Co.

by the A-share listed Dongfeng, Ma and was on the altar "around". Ma Yun is "God", but we know that the founder of a business without hardship, do not eat a bunch of thoroughly tempered, deficient, it is very difficult to grow and mature, even Ma Yun is no exception.

1, who moved to Shanghai frustrated.

reason: the blind pursuit of tall.

1999 years, Ali has just started, the staff of the office space, Ma is 150 square meters of home. After obtaining financing, Ma began to drift, the company headquarters moved to the United States, the domestic headquarters moved to Shanghai, immediately found acclimatized, and then moved back to Hangzhou. Financial commentator Wu Xiaobo said that this is the first mistake Ma committed.

commented: Ma young also made the blind pursuit of "tall" problem, away from their users and "god". This is particularly worthy of other founders alert. It is understood that, for a long time, Zhejiang has been the highest income Ali provinces, was later surpassed by Guangdong.

2, excessive expansion of high operating costs.

: financial reasons led to the increase of rhythm control.

1999 was founded at the beginning of the market to achieve net profit of 2 million 870 thousand yuan ali. Subsequently, they were Goldman Sachs, Softbank and other 5 million, $20 million investment. Increased financial resources, disrupted the original rhythm Ma

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