Method for controlling cost of environmental protection franchise

is now undertaking, whether it is business what kind of store, shop cost is a link to a lot of entrepreneurs can not be ignored, the franchise management, cost more and more high, so many entrepreneurs have a headache, how to control the cost of environmental stores a lot of entrepreneurs want to understand the problem.

environmental stores how to control the cost of


1, to find out the relevant factors related to the cost: all the factors that affect the cost of the store, one by one. Such as cooks, accountants, waiters, manufacturers, price, inventory, etc., and then with the relevant personnel, such as a good idea, and adhere to the cost accounting management.

2, the establishment of good inventory system: to establish a perfect use warehouse, goods storage management table, even for the position and the number of fire insurance, accident insurance category — are essential elements of inventory management master.

3, reading and listening, comparison operators should not blindly busy shop, and do not understand the competition situation, going out to watch, listen, compared to other companies or related commodity price, discount and other promotional methods in their own profit appropriation store.

4, the introduction of incentives, rewards and punishment system: Tendency of store practitioners passive work, it should be promptly issued incentive and punishment regulations, and can receive better benefits mathias.

5, a peer can: by headquarters meeting, recreational activities and other forms of reporting stores business figures, exchange of experience, this way can clearly know the other branch also is how to control the cost of management.

actually in the whole process of environmental protection of franchise business, reasonable control costs, reduce expenses to the entire business process of the marketing in the whole store is a very necessary thing, to do this, in order to make money.


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