ndustry news Shenzhen Beijing Shanghai and Hong Kong to promote environmentally friendly tablewar

in the era of environmental protection, people love to buy environmentally friendly fabrics, new home decoration to choose environmentally friendly paint, a repast should also choose natural environmental protection tableware, so environmental protection tableware now has the market, selling without hindrance.

in September 1st this year, disposable plastic tableware no "QS" logo will usher in a deadline, but to have been "disposable plastic tableware QS" it will usher in development opportunities. August 10th, typhoon butterfly presence in Shenzhen, disposable plastic tableware industry is a storm brewing in Shenzhen.

this day, the country’s largest enterprises in Shenzhen environmental protection tableware Limited by Share Ltd in Xunbao environmental which is located in Shenzhen Longgang Industrial Park was held at Kwai Chung Xunbao entitled "the first national environmental protection tableware postal delivery and recycling" press conference, respectively, signed a cooperation agreement with the Beijing Bureau of Postal Logistics Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, four, announced environmental protection tableware products and services will enter the country through thousands of households Xunbao postal distribution.

QS deadline usher in development opportunities

began in September 1st of this year, around the quality supervision departments in accordance with the requirements of national quality inspection administration, law enforcement inspection on the 39 kinds of plastic food packaging, containers, tools and other products. The sales are not obtained "QS" certification of products, quality supervision departments will be confiscated; to continue to produce the "QS" logo in plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products for food enterprises, the quality supervision department will be fined 50 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan fine ranging.

2007 will undoubtedly become a plastic food packaging container tool industry reshuffle of the year, re shuffle will have access to QS tableware left a huge market gap. According to experts predict that the implementation of the market access system, will make 1 / 3 of the enterprises are eliminated, the 1 / 3 of enterprises facing rectification, only 1 / 3 of the formal enterprises can successfully pass. So far, the national QS certification of enterprises less than 300.

The camera moves to win a large market

Shenzhen Xunbao is a production of "symbol" brand series of environmental protection food container large modern enterprise, with production equipment, technology and modernization process is the most advanced in the world, only for the global environmental protection food container enterprises completed the study materials from the mold design and manufacturing, process control, product to molding one-stop operation the. Its products using the company’s own R & D of high-tech environmental protection materials PGM as raw materials, has recommended

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