Rational analysis of investment investment must be cautious

investment, usually each franchisee are eager to be able to join a powerful large projects, but for the current status of merchants who can accurately analyze it?

once a year the whole nation "NPC and CPPCC", an important meeting is the number of Representatives members to participate in politics, but also reflect the key period of the voice of the people, public opinion. Recently, published in the news media, the National People’s Congress, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Chairman and general manager Zong Qinghou’s words, for us to more rational investment, so as to achieve better and faster development provides beneficial enlightenment.

it from a huge scale, but still can be included in a "small business" Mister lips, it inspires people to wake up, great teaching. Why do I say, because from the perspective of relationship beneficial to the people’s livelihood beverage industry, can be included in the ranks of no importance ", basically not affect the country’s strategic interests of national security, can be said to be" small "; from the technical content, and more difficult to affect a country’s international status, enterprises institutions engaged in research and production of biochemical, genetic, electronics, precision machine tools, materials technology and other compete. This is a most afraid of foreign leaders and should be injected into the annexation of the enterprise, make a sound like this, can only be said to be a responsible entrepreneur, in the years of hard market and comparison of domestic and foreign enterprises, a voice from the bottom of my heart.

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