Taobao West China Business School entrepreneurship class began enrollment

the last two years, the development of China’s e-commerce business can be described in a hurricane. Tmall double eleven turnover harvest of 91 billion 200 million, so that more people engaged in the electricity supplier entrepreneurship began to choose this heartbeat, then how to get into the ranks of the electricity supplier?

in many people’s cognition, most of the online shop operations are carried out on the computer, but this does not mean that the premise of your business is to become a master computer. A lot of technology can not be mastered in a short time, but as a seller, you first need to have a clear operational ideas, understand the rules of the platform, know how to use the most effective way to improve the conversion rate.

"0 starting point" sellers can also successfully counterattack

5 days of professional training to teach you to easily play electricity supplier

Most of the students in class

Huaxi School of business

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