Young people by keeping the porcupine build up the family fortunes

many people are complaining that it’s hard to start, however, bring the entrepreneurial success surprise others is difficult to understand. Today, the reporter interviewed a young man named Zhang Rongshi, listen to him to tell you about their entrepreneurial story.

"porcupine two or three births a year, a litter of two or three, up to four can be produced only; I use rice bran, corn flour, wheat breeding, had only one meal a day can be the staple food, plus some leaves feeding, low cost, good quality." Zhang Rongshi,   porcupine meat is delicious, meat can be laxative, nourishing yin and removing heat, but has a bad smell, some customers to buy back by the smell of the porcupine did not handle often complain that not good. Last year, an old driver surnamed Li sentence woke up he, Li Shifu said: "I killed a porcupine took home, I do not know why, the first day take half boil the meat, without any smell, taste good. Second days to cook the meat is all the taste, had to all fall." After listening to the words of Master Li, Zhang Yan guess, perhaps the taste of the porcupine is not all over the body, only in some parts. So, he put the porcupine a few pieces, a few pieces of smell, and finally found Sao in the mouth and the mouth of the nest. After that, every time he cooked the meat to accurately remove the Sao gland, and then do not have a large number of spices in addition to.

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