Three aspects of security and in store


store operation process will have a loss, and the owner of the shop for different security strategies, the loss will have a different influence. I have to shop for 11 years, had no experience, do not pay attention to store security and profit often shrink. Later, I began to pay attention to the security of store consumption, improve store management method, greatly enhance the management level. Now I shop in addition to the natural loss of goods, there is no loss due to improper management.

in fact, the loss of a lot of goods is unknowingly, so it is difficult to attract our attention. So, what are the main reasons for the loss of goods? First, unreasonable order. Too many orders and limited sales ability, will make the goods for a long time to sell out and deterioration. Two is the improper management of goods. Three is a small number of low quality customer theft.

therefore, we should be concentrating on the "three aspects".

a, reasonable order. Reasonable orders for energy security is very important. First of all, we must through the analysis of the consumer market in the near future, reasonably determine the order quantity. Secondly, the order should also consider seasonal and holiday and other factors.

two, strengthen commodity management. For commodity management, I mainly talk about the display of goods on the shelf. A lot of retail customers in the display of goods, are accustomed to the same kind of goods will be placed in a font. Customers buy goods placed in front of us, we will be completed in front of the goods, while ignoring the goods will be placed in front of the position. Over time, placed in the back of the goods may be sold for a long time and can not afford to expire. Retail customers in replenishment, we must pay attention to the goods in the back of the front.

three, to prevent theft. Now, in order to facilitate customer shopping, many stores are open to operate, so that customers choose goods, which gives some people a chance. In order to prevent the goods from being stolen, we should keep the small and valuable goods in the place where we can see them. In addition, we can also put some warning signs in the store. I was hanging in the store with a warning sign – the store has a monitoring. With warning signs, those who have ulterior motives will not dare to start.

although it is not good to reduce the loss of the shop, but if we can master the relevant skills, know where the focus of their work, the same can be done in place. So, if you want to reduce the loss of the shop now, want to shop and saving work to do, starting from the three aspects above, will you?

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