The new process of innovation and Entrepreneurship Zhongguancun entrepreneurial services into the 3

can be said that Zhongguancun is the forerunner of innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is a concentration camp in science and technology, there are more development in Zhongguancun in 2016 will have more dynamic, Zhongguancun has entered the 3 era of entrepreneurial services".

13, from the start of Zhongguancun demonstration zone announced a strategic stake in krypton space form, to participate in the Nash space   B  round of financing, the future will own krypton space into Nash space business service system.

in the latest of these developments, Zhongguancun enterprises and entrepreneurial services reflects the Zhongguancun Chinese The brightness dazzles the eyes., leading to entrepreneurship and innovation DNA, created a "hit for 3 times". Zhongguancun CMC director Guo Hong believes that this marks a comprehensive upgrade of the Zhongguancun venture services. Zhongguancun’s entrepreneurial service industry is not selling coffee, milk tea is not selling, but in the era of sharing the economy so that entrepreneurship is more simple, more focused, more sophisticated business ecosystem services.

through innovation aggregation of resources, forming a diversified incubator model, some capital aggregation, some media convergence, as well as through entrepreneurial activities and entrepreneurial elements resources polymerization, adsorption, the formation of their respective development models.

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