Wuhan launched the ninth batch of the 3551 Optics Valley talent plan

entrepreneurship has become the theme of this year, the need for professional knowledge and technical level of talent, to obtain such talent, not only need to tap, but also rely on training. Through personnel training program, Wuhan has become an important platform to attract international wisdom.

It is reported that the ninth batch of

, "3551 Optics Valley declaration talent plan" is divided into entrepreneurial talent, innovation, innovative talents (long-term) (short term), high-end talent management personnel, technical personnel services (Finance) and other five categories. Still for electronic information, biotechnology, new energy and environmental protection, high-end equipment manufacturing and modern service industry, Optics Valley five pillars, focusing on absorbing grasp core technology and independent intellectual property rights innovation and entrepreneurial talent, or in large international financial investment institutions, well-known accounting firms, large enterprises and multinational companies as executives the talent.

"3551 Optics Valley talent plan" the implementation of 6 years, invested 1 billion 200 million yuan of financial support, has gathered more than 3 thousand overseas talent team, the 269 national people plan experts, 133 Hubei province "Hundred Talents Program" experts, more than 1000 "3551 Optics Valley talent plan" selected, of which 70% with overseas work or study background. Currently, there are 7 listed companies successfully listed 3551.

Innovation activities in a number of rich

, let the entrepreneurial talents have more stage. Through the establishment of a sound business counseling system, there will be more open innovation platform to serve the public entrepreneurs open to entrepreneurs.

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