Just in his shop 1

said on may be just, professional mixed IT world people know his name, for the uninitiated, simply do not understand, but when it comes to shop No. 1, people probably are familiar with, then just how to create the 1 store? And let’s get to know each other.

1 shop, e-commerce website, in July 11, 2008, the 1 shop formally launched, creating a Chinese e-commerce industry, online supermarket precedent. The company independently developed many sets with international leading level of electronic commerce management system and has a number of patents and software copyrights, and invested heavily in the system platform, procurement, warehousing, distribution, and customer relationship management, build their own core competitiveness. In order to ensure the quality of goods can be low cost, fast speed, high efficiency of circulation, so that customers fully enjoy the new lifestyle and affordable shopping experience.

1, is the first domestic online supermarket, by the world’s top 500 executives in just before Dell (vice president) and Liu Junling (vice president, global president China and Hongkong District) joint in Shanghai Zhangjiang High Tech Park was founded in July 2008, officially launched the website, set up only 3 and a half years, with an average monthly performance rate soared 28% B2C has grown into a leading online shopping platform.

1 shop with a unique business model and innovative technology platform to create value for customers and businesses, "to meet customer needs, the pursuit of the most perfect customer experience" has been the core business philosophy of the 1 shop. Shop 1, always adhere to the concept of win-win, create value for customers and suppliers, their value will be reflected; do the industry’s first customer experience, is the No. 1 store every employee’s mission to make hundreds of millions of households China, can stay at home, you can enjoy one-stop shopping convenience and fun.

to just, male, Hubei Yichang people, in 1982 graduated from the Physics Department of Wuhan University. Professor, University of Dezhou Austen, madcon School of management operational research experts, Professor, Dr. Chinese Science Academy of mathematics and systems science tutor, professor and doctoral tutor of mathematics and statistics, Wuhan University, chief scientist of the national 973 project Chinese. 2003 was named the third outstanding alumni of Wuhan University, was just the founder of the 1st shop chairman.

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