What are the problems of the retail business

may be because the market is not mature, perhaps because the retail business operators are not very good at the beginning, in short, there are still a lot of problems in the retail business process". In recent years, many people get together to engage in retail business, in fact, retail operations also need many skills. Especially in the current economic new normal, the retail business in order to do a good job, but also to spend strength, effort, to remove the bad problem, strengthen the new concept, establish a new sense. So retailers need to change those bad habits and bad habits? I think carefully combing the following points need to constantly remind, repeatedly talking, but not to mind taking the trouble to talk.

one, belittle peers, raise their own.

some retailers in order to do their own business, like to belittle their peers, to raise their own. For example, in front of the customer say bad mouthing, perhaps the beginning of the customer will believe, but a long time, it will make the customer resentment. And customers more and more astute, they will be more than three. Retail business to their own business, need to use the right way. If you let the rest of the retail business to know their peers, may exacerbate the contradictions between the two sides, over time, will attract other people to blame.

in fact, the retail store goods, not only by themselves, the key is to rely on the commodity itself. Therefore, the suggested retail households should resolutely get rid of the bad habit, should be from the aspects of improving their operation habits and ways to do the work, operating in good faith, this is the only way to improve the most effective and key way our retail business. Retail households resolutely bid farewell to belittle their peers, to raise their own bad habits, in fact, is also the requirement of personality cultivation, is the need of socialist morality, for the construction of a harmonious society has a very important significance.

two, fool boast, Fudge customers.

there are many retail households there is a fool to brag, Fudge customers wrong practice. This is a short-sighted, very authentic way of operation. In practice, some retail workers strive to practice the mouth, the words to let customers listen to be moved, but often say is a set, do is another set. There are retail households in order to promote the use of "jumping", "blood sale" and other heartbeat advertising to attract customers. In fact, the so-called promotional items, gifts, prizes not advent, style is outdated, are eliminated by. Customers will feel cheated after buying back. We say to do business for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to the integrity and abide by the duty.

during the National Day this year, the media exposure of the Qingdao astronomical shrimp "incident, the refraction is the business of being too concerned with money, eventually losing faith, severely punished by industry and commerce, the price department, this is a living example of false advertising. This is a very good inspiration for retail households. Therefore, in the daily operation of retail households

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