Pricing differences can bring benefits

since it is shopping, naturally also need to have a more comprehensive understanding of the price of goods, after all, the two sides of the transaction is often based on the price of goods on the basis of. And the price, but pull the lever of the market. It is also a powerful weapon in the competition between retailers". We have a lot of hypermarkets in the commodity pricing, but spent a lot of effort to dilute the customer’s price awareness and successful sales.

often go to supermarkets or hypermarkets customers will have this feeling, obviously some commodity pricing is only 10 Fen, the difference between the 20 Fen, and the business is not an integer, not to get a fraction of the above can not be. For example, a retail price of 50 yuan of cosmetics, they do not set the price, but set at $49.90, or $49.80. Some consumers believe that such pricing is not trouble? Moreover, consumers do not necessarily care about the 12 Fen cents.

if you have this idea, you’d be wrong, this is precisely the shrewd pricing businesses, such pricing can give consumers a cheap feeling, this is our business said "mantissa pricing", "mantissa pricing method" and "integer pricing", is conducive to the promotion of sales.

but in actual operation, commodity pricing affected between consumers and competitors, the price is too high and vulnerable to attack competitors, can lead consumers to transfer positions, reasonable price, is an important means to win the competition.

Huaian city retail customers Zhu Wenli is a novice, located in the urban roads cross the intersection of the thriving supermarket at the end of November has just opened the market, although the opening soon, but because the stores unique commodity prices, attracted many customers to patronize. Originally, in the commodity pricing, before Zhu boss in the supermarket is not open, the market price survey in the city among peers, in each retail store prices are well aware of the situation, pricing.

prior to this, Zhu boss also asked a local colleague to draw up a price list, and its pricing is basically similar to the results of the survey. But Zhu boss did not adopt the recommendations of peer friends. But in accordance with their own ideas to implement a bold breakthrough tactics, and the successful implementation of this tactic to become an effective means of his novice and peer competition. In the commodity pricing process, as well as other business operators of the same commodity, he boldly took the price below the peer approach, directly with the low price and peers opened the gap.

at the same time, for their own exclusive goods, wholesale and retail price difference between the implementation of improved to win the market. Through such a low, a high pricing strategy, to maximize the benefits of the customer to make up for the part of the difference back. In this way, not only can effectively attract popularity, you can also push the popularity of their own supermarket

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