Open source software iWeb SNS trial notes

many webmasters have chosen UCHOME to build their own SNS site, including the author was originally also convenient to use the UCHOME diagram. Although the function of UCHOME plug-in is very rich, for the novice or very good, but after a long time, and I believe that there are people who feel like UCHOME rely on roaming platform is a little too much emphasis on entertainment function, and is not open in the two development and expansion, can facilitate the development of personalized website building a SNS site is almost the same from the mold printed, so I set about using a new SNS system. Foreign strength similar software can be said to be too numerous to list, but the finished version is not suitable for domestic use. Originally, I want to know about ThinkSNS, but it seems that it has not been updated for a long time, so I will concentrate on another domestic similar software iWeb SNS.

many of my friends have not heard of iWeb SNS, I was just know soon, it seems more suitable for two times the development from the Internet, but also to the bigger, and the demand is consistent, so I try holding the mentality to experience. The author from poly official website download to the latest version is V 0.9.9, from version number view, seems to be a test version, anyway, is the trial, the author can not attend to so much.

The minimum requirement for

iWeb SNS configuration environment is PHP5.x + MySQL5.0.x and above, and the author uses IIS6.0 + PHP5.1.4 + MySQL5.0.67. Similar to other site building systems, iWeb SNS is installed through a simple web wizard, filling in the necessary configuration information, only a few steps to complete, and the whole process is only a few minutes. Subsequently, the author can not wait to open the front page, began to experience.

just entered the home page, to tell the truth, and did not let the author stimulate a sense of excitement, not only the interface and other SNS is not very different, even the art design is quite general. However, considering that this is just a generic default template, sooner or later it will be replaced and I don’t care too much about it.

, the author and several friends each registered an account, and soon landed, and then began to use search function to find friends. It may be that there are too few registered users in the existing database, and after checking a small number of conditions, the information of the other party is found. But unfortunately, iWeb SNS does not have advanced search function, if the number of users is relatively large, it is still troublesome to find. Subsequently, when adding friends, the author also found that has not been verified, the number of friends statistics has increased.

I tried

log, pictures, share, mood, greeting and other functions have no obvious problems, and other similar software, if greeting features without having to enter the destination page directly can operate in the buddy list will be more.

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