When did the body hype

hype refers to oneself or others, through some means, skills, to their own or their works deliberately propaganda, in order to improve their own or their work popularity, prestige. From the definition I gave it, the hype can be divided into two categories: self hype and other hype. Speculation is intentionally by revealing any plausible gossip or abnormal phenomenon to attract media coverage, to make their own name or a profit. Nothing good event marketing.

What are the hype

now, but the increasing speculation, the more speculation more widely, woman, star, privacy, scandal, in short to the speculation should be used to fry, fry can be as long as famous, the name is what. Then we can learn that the essence of what is missing is less and less, and the truth we crave is always hidden behind the mask of layers.

in today’s world, beautiful women can take off and fry the world, ugly women can also get rid of fame. The network provides a good opportunity to spread them, from the beginning, they appear in the packaging of different faces, with the major media, an unknown woman overnight red hot. On the Internet, because of the great success of the hype, the popularity of related websites and station pages soared. Xu Jinglei, Song Zude, such as Sister Lotus, personal blog. Thousands of people visit every day, and huge traffic almost crashes the server. Some people have already started using the Internet to sell advertising and have achieved great results. Speculation has also brought certain economic benefits, this benefit has attracted the attention of people, in the final analysis, to obtain the market, the key is to attract frequent attention of consumers.

The advantages of

network communication lie in no boundaries, no time, no space, geographical restrictions, and the speed of communication is more than that of any traditional media. So many speculators are immersed in, be able to use the tools of network, some communication effect can be irremediable. The most common is the event speculation, as long as the control of the event marketing process, generally speaking, the hype should be successful.

master of speculation, their speculation began very subtle, people might not even be aware of events is speculation, quietly, the dissemination of information dissemination of accurate, when people find that time, speculation has been pushed on top, they take advantage of people psychological novelty events emerge in an endless stream of speculation. We have seen many speculation, the most powerful is a hype, nude or semi nude, white flesh is very tough on network, using the body to show personality characteristics, not only is very yellow, very violent, no too much hype with no predecessors after exposure. In addition, there are some hot men also joined the hype team, show about his muscular body.

now, we face all kinds of speculation, crazy strip, nude or semi nude, speculation directly shows the human body action let us Agape and tongue-tied speechless. Say again, want to fry, also want to put on good clothes, and make with the primitive society human beings in general, speculation is always proud to show the body, then this is inferior to the animals and what is the difference between them?

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