Webmaster how to write high reprint rate soft Wen

a poor quality soft Wen, the conversion rate for ten hundred. On the contrary, a good soft Wen, cut rate is often thousands of. Comparing the two, the effect is very different. In the end how to write a high reprint soft Wen


", "advertising position" should be put away "


first of all, we should properly put the link to your website in the article. If the article has been deleted and has no link to your website, then the effect is 0. After investigation, and now many webmaster is not kind, and others hard to write the soft text, the link to remove, change to your own web link, became his own soft text. I did a survey: at the bottom of the article, plus the external links of the website, the possibility of direct deletion accounted for 50%. The best ad insertion in the middle of the article, so that it is not easy to be deleted directly links.

two, eye-catching title

short words can attract readers’ curiosity and attract readers’ curiosity. This is not to say that the title of the party, for example, in the webmaster portal published soft, general webmaster prefer to pay attention to website profit and promotion related information. We can write some of their own experience in the promotion, with zero cost rapid promotion website, 90 entrepreneurial network NiuDao million years into the title like this, looks very tempting, can immediately attract readers to read, can often play a multiplier effect.

three, article content authenticity

now people like original articles, and we should write our own true stories. Good article should be feeling and write, if the soft text is too hype, then the article will not have much meaning, just for "AD" and soft text. Writing soft text is a good summary of their own operating website, will record the usual feelings, and later experience deeper.

four, write

for the column

, for example, in the A5 voted to do, published the soft text of the webmaster all know experience, promotion planning these two columns is the most popular, is the popularity of the gathering place, click rate is the highest. Choose the right column is important, but also with their own conditions, to see if you can write it out. In the early stage, we need some website operation and promotion experience.

five, selected release time

after detailed research, general webmaster love morning update website, so the morning is "acquisition", more generally in the afternoon 16:00 17:00, this time to release the best effect, attention is the highest, and the highest rate was cut to.

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