The site was K failed experience


site is Baidu K, although it is not what a good thing, but I hope the experience of failure, we can get something! A lot of Baidu K website, but to sum up, mainly in the following main aspects of

the first aspect: a lot of stack keywords, keywords,

web site with a few keywords, keywords, originally, this is understandable. But a lot of pile of keywords, is the search engine most offensive cheating method, because keywords, keywords, stack

will virtually increase the burden on spiders, the major search engines now explicitly said: "stack keywords, keywords is serious cheating," universal navigation network "K" is the reason for this one.

, if you’ve been piling up keywords and keywords that haven’t been written by Baidu K, you’d better change it right away.

second aspects: optimizing too much

According to a lot of

by Baidu K site analysis, optimization of the site of Baidu is very sensitive, a little too much, which Baidu will K you did not discuss, I is the establishment of a kind friend said to me, the biggest website optimization is not optimal, so here I need to remind you that the optimization of the website can to not overdo sth..

third aspects: a lot of know in Baidu advertising, or post it to fight for traffic

in Baidu products to promote, it is possible to receive unexpected results, but you have to do it rhythmically, do not let others see it. Baidu is disgusted with advertising in its products. The so-called reach, if you want to pursue the words flow within a short period of time, that your site will be punished accordingly, is being dropped by Baidu K

fourth aspects: K links by

is also a part of Links website maintenance, we need to constantly check if there were Baidu K off site links on your site, your site will be reduced light weight, heavy will be K out. For example: at that time was Baidu K dropped, and the domain name links to several webmaster friends to reflect to me, their website should be my reasons have been implicated.

of course, I write not necessarily comprehensive, I hope friends criticized me, correct, thank you!


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