Yang Wenjian detailed analysis report of three giants of China Advertising Association Part one

advertising alliance is 99.9% webmaster Yisifumu, even the Sina portal is no exception. Today, we will give you a detailed analysis of China’s advertising alliance "three giants": Google, AdSsense, Baidu alliance and Ali mom, Taobao customers, and Yang Wenjian operators of the 58 day pay union (www.58ad.org). The main contents of the analysis are the advantages of advertising alliances, the disadvantages of advertising alliances, what stations are suitable for delivery, and the successful cases of advertising alliances.

Google AdSsense advantage:

in the advertising alliance, the first to make it CPC Google AdSsense, Google AdSsense is the highest in all the click advertising unit of an advertising alliance. Relying on the Google technology team developed AdSsense advertising matching system. And Google search for powerful influence, attract a large number of Adwords advertisers, basically let each kind of legitimate websites can accurately match to the relevant advertising.

AdSsense can accurately match directional traffic to Adwords advertisers, allowing advertisers to maximize conversions with minimal hits. Accurate ad matching allows Adwords advertisers to flock to bidding, thus driving up the AdSsense click price. Google’s ability to cheat and match its exact advertising system, and the large number of Adwords advertisers Google has developed, is one of the reasons why AdSsense has become one of the most influential advertising alliances in china.

AdSsense offers both picture ads and text ads, and the effect of Yang Wenjian testing is that text ads are more responsive to picture ads, and advertisers choose the most popular form of advertising. The advantage of text ads is to make web pages look neat and user experience good. At the same time, text ads are integrated with web content.

at the same time, Google is an American company, and the citizens who are not in the United States do not have to pay taxes. All the advertising fees can be added to the AdSsense.

The disadvantage of

Google AdSsense:

1 settlement process is too complex, the cycle is too long,

AdSsense, the biggest disadvantage is a collection process is too complex, full account of $10, Google to determine the webmaster identity verification and verification by telephone address, address verification need to apply PIN code, from the other side of the Atlantic feibook across the seas with a 6 digit PIN code. Sometimes it is not possible to get it for 3 months, but later it was changed from Google in china.

advertising is in every two months at the end of $100 after full settlement before, also from the United States send a check over, big >

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