The so called SEO concept and some nonsense

called SEO, a lot of theories, but I think it is more important to practice.

what is SEO? Well, I don’t copy those off the shelf answers on the Internet. Let me just say that my understanding is to get more of your IP on the search engines, such as BAIDU and GOOGLE.

one of the rules of the game, we have to do this, is to play games, to play the game, we must first understand the rules of the game, like to play CS, you don’t know what W is forward, S is back, QE is about translation, that you play.

SEO is also a game, and we need to understand the rules of SEO. This game is NPC with a continuously updated, human intelligence search engine, in the face of China grassroots webmaster, more NPC is Baidu, sometimes both at GOOGLE and GOOGLE in Chinese or after all mixed miserably.

then, first talk about Baidu, this company is not let us grassroots webmaster General Ray, well, basically every month must come to a big aunt, from time to time to slap you, you can’t say anything. This is our station in a station point of view, then he is to Baidu customers ah, his client is to provide money to advertisers for him, and that he is the best known China search engine users.

amount, a few years ago, Baidu put forward a slogan, "we want to user experience as the center of N.". X, we have a way, he released his rules of the game, then we play according to the rules of the game?.

user experience.


UE (User Experience) is a purely subjective mental feeling that builds up when users use a product (service). Because it is purely subjective, there are certain uncertainties. Individual differences also determine that each user’s real experience can not be fully modeled or reproduced in other ways. However, for a well-defined user community, the commonality of user experience can be recognized by well-designed experiments.

X, copied the contents of the Baidu encyclopedia, concept, we learned that a user in the use of products or services in the process of establishing a psychological feel. OK, our website, if you want to face Chinese users, to Baidu to help, this is our principle. Let users get good psychological feelings, in fact, very simple, advertising less, content really they want, content in a timely manner so that they get. This is a good user experience.

then we’ll take a look at the top ranked website and see if we can verify this.

refers to the Chinese search list:

the first keyword, QQ, click on the first page of the eye. >

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