Whether the game can filter out the excellent master SEO

if only from the Bo excellent game ranking to determine whether SEO is the master, is obviously not reliable, we analysis the existing problems about the game.

website optimization generally around the target word and long word, a website is often a lot of target words, it depends on your target keyword analysis, when multiple target words appear depends on how you write the title of the website is more appropriate and reasonable, how the layout of the target word is more conducive to optimization, and the excellent the game has a given target word, and only one, so you can ignore this aspect ability.

is generally used to optimize home page target keywords, so the website headline writing also have a fixed reference model, the target word layout is relatively also have case reference, really difficult, can reflect the level of optimization is the optimization strategy of the long tail word, long tail word mining, selection and layout, are very particular about there many details and techniques, and it can not reflect the Bo excellent game capacity in this area.

for this game, almost no what novel optimization techniques, almost every day to do two things, the first is to adhere to the original, second is to insist on the chain, the game evolved into whose writing speed, the chain resources who is rich, and can not really reflect the overall optimization level of a person.

I think we should formally reflect a level of optimization, at least to have the following three capabilities,

: the first optimization of the target word, the first analysis of the target word competition, and reasonably selects several suitable division operation, and reasonable layout of the target word, but also to develop the target word capture scheme

second: the optimization of the long tail word, long tail word optimization is a protracted war, such as the long term mining ability, analysis ability, reasonable configuration, a long-term implementation of the program, the effect evaluation scheme, optimization of tracking process, optimization scheme and so on, to optimize the strategy adjustment practice.

third: operation level, such as the website user experience improvement, how to effectively improve the conversion rate, how to improve the website activity, how to tap the user ability and other aspects of comprehensive ability.

expects webmaster network next optimization competition to change the rules, can truly reflect the comprehensive optimization ability of the game.

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