Old master story the so called miracle just hard to another name

2009 August, I excitedly called my mother, said I paid more than four thousand yuan, ready to send 500 yuan to Grandpa, words filled with pride. Perhaps we do not understand, but the monthly salary of 4000 yuan, why can this boy proud to do so, you hear my story, perhaps will understand.

said, "if one day you feel life is especially hard, maybe God is preparing surprise for you,


more than 1 months before I called my mother, to be exact, in June 25, 2009, I went into the Internet Co with great pressure and worked as a partner in the promotion of dating websites. There are more than 10 days when I graduated, but the pressure came from I can’t get this thing because the university graduation certificate, addicted to the game, so I fail the exam because many fail the exam too much, in the end I just gave up the idea of a diploma, as a senior last semester learning website construction and promotion knowledge. While looking for work, I was thinking about this, we must find a job before graduation, and then to demonstrate their ability to work, if in the contract, I want to find a diploma, I can take my ability to work. And when I found that job, I had more than 10 days left to graduate, and I knew what would happen if I was forced to quit my job. I really wouldn’t imagine it.

in fact, when I entered the company, my network promotion knowledge is basically zero, only know some BBS post, what SEO, Baidu bidding all don’t know what mean. But I was lucky, when before the internship met a senior giving me some network promotion knowledge, what impressed me most was a network promotion very cow B celebrity, his name is Mou Changqing, he has his own personal blog at that time, in order to learn network promotion knowledge, I his blog posts from A to Z watched three times. At that time, finally learn knowledge is the largest – focus, details, and execution.

so, the history of the struggle that I have never forgotten begins. At that time the company has a lot to employees, they have explored some ways to promote the social networking site, is the most effective forum and QQ group, and I also do not understand other promotion methods, thinking them through these methods have the effect, then I will follow, and the cheek to the old staff and stood behind them to see how they operate, I follow the operation finished. In this way, jittery work five days later, in July 1st, the company paid, when the basic salary was only 800, while the Commission is an effective registration of 2 yuan users, this is still relatively high. In statistics last month effectively registered users, I am worried, afraid of 5 days of effort without effect, in case there is no effective users, then I have no confidence. But God always cares for people who work hard. When I count the statistics, I have more than 90 effective registered users. When I paid my salary, I received more than 300 yuan.


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