The toil of these days toil owners

followed "webmaster friend, real friend"

just got the "webmaster friends, real friends", you should already know that I was half a month thanks to the two friends, remember, every day we are all opened the computer early, because their work is done on a computer, 9 in the morning to night 12 points, up to 15 hours every day, so we, though the day in a class, can not help but open Baidu, look for the information, look at the experience of others, and then change their stand, sometimes we will not a good QQ information, I know, it is in the idea of his own station direction. 15 hours repeated every day, every day the station as a way station has been completed, we discuss how to Lara popularity? So to find a way to give all his friends were again asked to find. What do you think is not enough for me? Do you need to change the place again? Do you have any good suggestions?…… I’ve been thinking about what they’re doing every day except for 15 hours of online life and a few hours of sleep. Is there something else I’d like to add to my station,


is not my side of the webmaster, or all of the webmaster, I think I can feel your tired, your late lie down the bed curtain, seems to have appeared in front of me, you’ve heart juice idea, it seems I have had experience, now the big competition network unable to speak. I would like to say: stick to it, and efforts will have more or less the return of the.

editor comments: Admin5 thank you for your contribution! World webmaster is a, stick to it, efforts will be more or less the return of the.


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