What can save you my future

has been wandering in the Internet for 3 or 4 years. I gave up my studies, gave up my job, and recalled what I was doing for

for a long time people tend to forget yourself, forget what you want, if you like me to forget his want to, I hope you can look down, I can only say to talk about the experience of the past few years.

early into the arena:

once I quit school, then the ambition, to give up work devoted to personal webmaster ranks. At that time, I personally prefer to play private servers, the first site is legend publishing station, remember it is 4 SF meters, do not send out. The station made thousands of quick, happy for me at that time, the first income in life, but also strongly convince parents against the facts and evidence. The rise of the next love, take before earnings and ask their parents to take the 10 thousand quick money into the industry, the initial site is successful, you should know the old webmaster, handed down early little competition in the first half of the year I earned $about 100000, but then a few large desperately throwing money, Baidu promotion, I was caught in a dilemma. Cast or quit! I finally gave up, the site slowly died, I was turned into a no income, at the hands of the rich, I began to lose.


Yulgang SF, I have a large capital investment, but unfortunately, it died on the way, before release station are put in the time to die, remember that only one earned money, that is Baidu ranked first in the forum webmaster (A Dong). I lost about 30000 or 40000 here. I’m not alone, and my 2 friends on the Internet are just like me.

and then enter SF into the journey, the journey before also run some novels like, but such meager income is nothing compared to SF, so I was soon abandoned, in retrospect, then some station is a pity! Journey to SF in addition to invest no harvest, mud lake deeper, not only money, even lose confidence, then into the trough of



sleeps 5 or 6 every morning, gets up at 4 or 5 in the afternoon and eats only one meal a day. It seems like an inhumane life. My parents once thought I was depressed. Maybe I did. The Internet every day time is only a movie in a daze, wish to continue my career, no fight, lost the direction and focus of life well, this is what I want to tell you, people must know what they want? You even themselves do not know what to talk about, the other has no meaning.


one night with my dad drink, talk with me my dad was very calm (explained here, since I quit school to work, your father’s attitude as can be imagined he said: you no diploma) now, no work. Now you don’t even have your dreams. Tell me, what do you take to save your future? I don’t have any

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