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with the maturing of the Internet era, the development of online advertising is also rising, domineering advertising revenue, perfect brand display, has become the preferred media for users of advertising media. As a "front line fighter" in Internet advertising, how should we hold on to our forward position and make new contributions? This will be a question worth discussing.

(Internet advertising), the network advertisement in 1994 originated in the United States, Hotwired magazine launched an online version of the Hotwired, and for the first time launched the website advertising network, but also Chinese three years later in 1997 by Chinabyte, launched the first online advertising. Thus opened the curtain on the development of online advertising. Just 10 years of development, network advertising from scratch, from small to large, and now has developed into the advertising industry overlord, in 2012 the size of advertising is expected to exceed 46 billion 200 million (DCCI data). At the same time, in the website profit pattern, the network advertisement also becomes each big website one of most important economic sources. Because it has the good qualities that other media do not have:

(a) large audience.

(two) put accurate

(three) interactive

(four) low cost

(five) data objective

as an advertising designer, we need a deep understanding of the one is the interaction of network advertisement, interactive advertising, there is no strength, can directly affect the effectiveness of online advertising to. And then it may affect the word-of-mouth spread of the brand.

so when did Internet advertising begin to focus on interactivity,


with the arrival of WEB2.0, the steady development of major portals, the widespread use of network tools such as blog, micro-blog, WeChat and so on. Watercress, happy petals, thunder ark and other network sharing platform matures and perfect. We are becoming more and more dependent on the Internet and becoming more and more important. Because through the network, almost all the things users want to do. In this process, some online advertisements which are convenient, easy to understand and easy to learn, and simulate the actual use process, are easier to be accepted by the audience, and will produce better delivery effects. The audience is more likely to have a desire to know and then pass on a friend or someone with a common interest. In this process, the role of audience is changed from an information receiving terminal to a publication or disseminator of information. This cheap mode of communication can make the advertisement effect become geometric magnification. The product advertising cost is reduced to the greatest extent.

so interactive Internet advertising should not just watch

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