What does entertainment stand on the nternet


do not stand long, and there is no professional skills, only some from other places to read, summed up their own accumulation of experience, but I feel more difficult to do standing.

doesn’t think it’s difficult to do SEO.

, but whether Baidu or Google, ranking is very unstable. When I first started building a website, my website, the part-time network www.daojz.com, promoted three months’ time, so that the key words, the network part-time and the online part-time work in Baidu ranked first.

when I hung up the Google ADS ad for the website, Baidu ranked quickly by K, and there were no articles on the site. And Google ranking has nothing to change, ranking is very stable.

, that is to say, you hang Google advertising, to make money for him, he would "protect" your ranking, of course, this is just a little effect, if your site is not good enough to do without SEO, the ranking will not go up. Vice versa。

and about entertainment sites.

I’m used to finding a website to analyze. For example: Fun net www.lezi5.com

this site keywords, funny, fun, like, want to get the ranking in the search engine, not Yixiyizhao.

and do this kind of entertainment station. What does it stand on the Internet,


doesn’t depend on the search engines? No, of course not. Webmasters rely on search engines. Because it can bring you a steady stream of customer base.

How does

rely on search engines?. Besides search engines, what else do you need to do,


first of all, entertainment sites can’t focus on keywords in search engine rankings. Because at the beginning of the ranking is not good, and change. But need to use the chain to improve the site weight.

secondly, what the entertainment network needs is website articles, accumulation of traffic and customer base. Fun, network class entertainment station, content is very similar, interesting articles, if an article ranking obtained IP see you this article, also want to see the next article, and even collected your website. Then your purpose is reached.

finally, for second days. It needs good quality. The quality of the website requires the quality of each article on the site, from the original, typesetting, picture clean…… And so on, where to start. Then it is to update the website every morning before the customer visits. Day after day, customers become accustomed to it. Report to your website every day.

actually, it’s easy to do SEO, but it’s difficult to do it. What the entertainment station needs is the insistence on the quality and efficiency of the website day after day. A little experience, if there is not enough place, please correct me.

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