Teach you some ideas to accumulate traffic

what website traffic comes quickly, what station to do,

, this is the idea of most webmaster, so a lot of garbage stand up. As a new webmaster, it’s nothing to do as a garbage station. When you have more experience, you can’t make garbage stations too garbage, ~

here’s a quick way to get traffic quickly.

what hot you go to what the contents of the article! A lot of hair! What number you don’t go up, can get the long tail, leaving the city surrounded by rural strategic policy, a lot of long tail traffic together is far higher than the subject flow ~

How does

know which ones are hot? Go to top.baidu.com and see so many charts on top of it. Find some hot and competitive ones, and do the long tail ~

isn’t there a list of the top left of the day? Those aren’t very competitive, ~


a lot of long tail flow accumulation, then traffic can easily over 10000 ~ flow is accumulated slowly accumulation of traffic, than to focus on a keyword to be much easier, but also fast and more ~

wrote so many, do not know what inspired you,


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