Talk about the ups and downs of personal webmaster

Hello everyone, I am a new webmaster, the site has been established for more than 2 months, not for the first time to do the station, but now, such as the sense of independence, do a web site is the first time.

also have access to the Internet for seven or eight years, are also beginning to play the game, then play the game more, tired, want to touch something deeper, just sign up to learn the software development, a lot of things to learn, very hard, when there is work, can only spare time to learn, then graduation also, find a few job programming, the salary is only enough to eat, after a painful choice, or return to the original units, but a change of position, and the computer is slightly, the salary is also quite satisfied, my programmer career so it is over.

the muddle along without any aim after 2 years, ordinary life makes me bored, my heart began to ready to, want what to do on the Internet, but these 2 years to learn to forget all the later found a lot of assorted, site program online, find a few programs on several websites, later found is rubbish station, do not have what meaning, after careful consideration, I decided to do an interest and related websites, usually love playing tennis and badminton, often understand this knowledge, it is more handy. The first is to find the website program, before using the PHP168, CMS, PHPCMS what Empire etc do not meet my requirements, finally found SUPESITE, and can get HOME and forum, I feel pretty good, but home is too ugly, I want to find a good template on the Internet is really not easy, liar bundles don’t know what to write, download, no one can, I hope those who make a key point child point de, a cross, finally changed their mind, PHP I don’t understand, some remember better HTML, so after 1 months of consolidation basically is out, GOOGLE included normal Baidu search, "Wang Yu tribe" home with, but what are not, do not know what the reason is, in fact, does not matter, I used his money is not what to expect, just hope as a hobby, to understand more Like-minded friends, interested friends can look at, if you are tennis or badminton lovers, then even better. Hope that the webmaster friend’s website can be prosperous, the tiger year luck,


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