Talking about the station of a new station for an old netizen

97 years I began to contact the Internet, it has been 12 years, can be regarded as an old Internet users, and he is still learning the computer specialized graduation, but the direction is CS programming and database design, in the BS program and do not, did not bother to understand this, always think that this is the site graphic design is live, still have this idea, because their art is really sucks.

remember just contact with Internet, using Navigator3.0, was in the university computer room, 3K speed, dial-up speed, the site is also very simple, are static pages and static pictures, needless to say, Flash, even GIF animation format has not come out, the Internet is watching the news and chat (is a chat room, not QQ oh). The university curriculum philosophy dialectics know three laws, one of which is called "the law of double negation", that makes sense, for the most simple example, you see that the web page is static, then experienced a dynamic page, ASP, PHP, ASPX big line of its road but, now, the webmaster to the dynamic pages into static, pseudo static or even, in order to speed up the browsing speed, reduce server resources, there is an important point, is to let the search engine included


during the Spring Festival, pondering the establishment of a web site, and to "persevere" to do it. Why do we have to "persevere"? Because over the years, there have been countless times, but none of them have been implemented. If a few years ago to build the site, perhaps now has a lot of traffic, domain name already had, that is,, applied for N years, has been empty, and now began to officially hang the web site.

what the website is built, I thought for a long time, two years ago, an element of a CN domain, has spawned a lot of grassroots webmaster, readily grasp is a lot, now what sites are not missing, the difference is the money, oh, not bad money, you know, Zhao Benshan’s essay is not the Spring Festival bad money, but that fool people, now people are poor is money. After much deliberation, finally decided to do with their own profession somewhat related articles, they are doing software development, customers are processing trade enterprises, it would be a relevant processing trade website, put on the Internet on processing trade information collected, so that the processing trade enterprises and engaged in processing trade enterprises friends have a one-stop browsing platform, called the processing trade network.

subject to, have a website program, download a few articles to study the source code, with a final, this is not what is difficult for me, difficult is the web design, first make do with, then slowly change. The domain name has, the topic has also, the website procedure also has, also found the space, now the headache still is like >

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