Webmaster friend when you want to give up is the beginning of the stick

sales personnel most believed the truth is "the user to refuse is selling the beginning", as a sales staff, from the first to find potential users will eventually become the potential users of real users, there is a product to sell this, and 99% of the potential customers will choose to sell successfully staff success lies in the user’s refusal to sell as starting from a very large extent, is the most successful salesman have the perseverance of the people.

I’m not a salesman, I’m not going to talk to you all about the grassroots webmaster friends. I talk about the way of promotion. As a grass root webmaster, I think we should have the spirit of perseverance.

many owners are talking about the website to keep on keeping on, what is holding on? Many people choose the webmaster road is a kind of chance, perhaps see an article about a senior website success; perhaps a friend around the site, on the site every month income…… So also joined the ranks of the webmaster.

but for a period of time, found that the income is not, and more is helpless and helpless, what should I do? Give up OR adhere to, in fact, when you are trapped in the status quo, want to give up, is the beginning of perseverance. Perhaps a long time can not be started, puzzled and want to give up; perhaps because of family and lovers may be opposed; economic pressure and so on, all these factors make us in considering whether to give up, in fact this time is to start.

webmaster is a career as well as a career destroying people. Some people do rely on others because the site to build up the family fortunes, and physical and mental fatigue, morale, lost the direction of life. A lot of times, a variety of factors let us these have become webmaster grassroots, questioned his choice, and even questioned his ability.

we hope that the website can bring us happiness, but facing some negative factors, so that we can not be happy, in fact, calm down at this time. Analysis and loss, analysis of the reasons for failure, because you do not understand technology, because you do not know how to promote it, because of the site positioning problems, and so on. Why can always find out the reasons, to find an antidote against the disease, step by step, many times the reason for the failure is not our laziness, but lack of experience, experience from experience, as long as we have experienced, even the scars of the experience, also can experience.

dare to adhere to, but also to adhere to, and some friends also said that they have been insisting, why has been unsuccessful, indeed, you may be a dare to adhere to, but also learn to insist. If the direction is wrong, it will only slide farther away. At the same time do stand to keep learning, even if you can only learn a little is good, do not know HTML, to find tutorials to learn online; do not understand the program, go to the online tutorial to learn to do not know how to position; see, other senior empirical articles, not to learn from all day in the QQ group in the irrigated water… >

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