Old portal advantages popularity is not

I entered the Internet research at least one year after the study, with the veteran of the portal, and the rise of new portals, but the analysis of history, each one has its own merits, the rise of new portals paid a few years or even decades of efforts, often only a few years on the fire came down, the the main operation is in operation. When there is no development, wantonly forward other people’s articles, all kinds of marketing promotion means are used, the most shameless is virus promotion. A famous man, the number of traffic few hundred times of growth, the author is in a continuous line, and improving eyesight.

decided at this time by the author flow every day hundreds of times to head, the author treats down to ordinary users from the perspective of the precious, audit requirements directly improve than the old portals should strictly double think myself is currently the most expensive, should take precedence over the old portals however, a major crisis gradually expanded, at the show himself carried away. Slowly let the author feel disgusted, the author slowly leave. Until I almost lost, because of the lack of the author to provide the latest information, users also slowly lost their attention, customers found popularity less naturally gone, operators discovered they were wrong. Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine in the world.

, in contrast to older portals, develops a new product that is favored by the authors as a result of the author’s favour. The latest information to attract new users, the popularity of the rapid and steady growth, customers naturally advertising. Like Sohu, NetEase, and other major old portals, in dealing with the quality may leave some benefits to the author, in the Internet can be said that no ads do not ask, Cheng Fangyuan, the author spent half a day to write an article, not your money no matter, put some advertising you don’t have to, so the author so hard to provide you with high quality manuscripts, you when the family is two rich generation rich, with the cost of living to give you a headache free to provide you with high quality


did not grow up in your website is sleight of hand, when you grow up to this site a is not feasible, we all know the old journal portal news site most are paid from the media, no money is the behoove. Since there’s nothing you can get on a new portal, why does the author want to go to you?. Everyone is not stupid, do not treat others as fools. No money, no advertising benefits, no one willing to pay for free, there is a saying well, "there is no free lunch in the sky"

popularity determines future development,

in our discussion of veteran portals, we are not difficult to develop veteran portals, each time developing a new product will be slowly accepted by users, in fact, there are three main aspects of the chase.

, the wisdom of the first veteran web portal operator, has long been understood, and it has become better than the newly risen Daniel in operational decisions.


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