Discussion on the development of lawyers’ rights protection network

mentions that Wang Xianhui’s lawyer estimates that not many people in the industry know that, but after several years of development, both the insiders and those outside the industry are certain. Of course, if you must say you don’t know, or you don’t know it, you might as well know it now.

the subject of today’s article is divided into two parts. One theme, two aspects. One theme is the success of the lawyer’s station; the two aspect is the development of the website; the two is the development of the lawyer network.

website development, I think we can not do without the following two levels,

first, stick to it.

website, although there are many knowledge, technical problems exist, professional technology and promotion of knowledge is the necessary condition for the success of the site. But this is only a low-end technology competition. Standing outside the network development, from the angle of the success of life, from the reality of "residual king" is the fundamental. That is, only silent, hard-working people are the most successful people, Admin5 fish are such a successful case. We can not say that they are the most intelligent people, but should be successful people, is the most persistent person. The development of any industry has its growth and filtering period, only in the wind and waves in the industry, is the success of all sectors of the people. The development of lawyers’ rights protection network is also the result of this law. Our peers practice a lot of law station, was a rush to catch up with, but really can not insist on doing more, but also less successful. Therefore, persistence is the kingly way to success.

two, team

webmaster should consider the user experience, and the website itself development, not just for the website and website. The development of lawyers’ rights protection network is considered from the user’s point of view. In order to provide better professional legal services, a number of professional lawyers’ websites formed by professional lawyers have been opened up. Such as divorce, traffic, intellectual property rights and other fields. In order to team operation, and better meet the needs of users, from the practice of development, our ideas are correct. While developing the information superiority of the master station, it speeds up the development of each professional substation and meets the needs of the deeper users. Information and consultation are the two pillars of the law station. Only by providing more valuable, practical, readable and practical articles can the visitors be better attracted. Therefore, the joining and development of professional lawyers is an inevitable trend. Our idea is another area of our lawyer development is also on the agenda. Our professional alliance, area grow together, formed a team of lawyers website operation, big site road. Teamwork is second levels.

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