share the experience of the square dance video station

unknowingly do video station has been done for about two months, and slowly from the fumble to some experience and experience, here and share and discuss. Hope that inexperienced people can take a look at, and experienced prawns can also guide me.

was originally a company designated square dance series of video stations, including the appreciation, square dance teaching, in addition to some for some health video series square dance age released. Then think about it for a while. Because the square dance is also very popular now, and now health care is also very popular wind, the streets of bookstores also have these discs and books. Baidu square dance search, the contents are out of some large video station sub column page, so I decided to take this task. This is not nonsense, I think what to do, the first is to investigate some of the market on the station, with understanding, in order to more conducive to the construction and development of their website.


, the square dance website came out like this. Then, Baidu encyclopedia without square dance this keyword encyclopedia. So I went to Baidu encyclopedia, edit the square dance this word. In fact, this is also one of the means. Because it is Baidu’s own products, the weight will be very high, as expected, Wikipedia edited out, just on the first page of three or four this way. All you have to do is to add the address of your website to your reference material or to expand your reading. Don’t underestimate this encyclopedia. It can bring a lot of IP in one day. That will do square dance, that is, fight head dead brain in the contents of the update, constantly updated production. But overlooked a point. Because it is a video station, so Baidu included less content. Of course, this and whether it is their original is also very relevant. As a result, Baidu’s ranking has not improved. After a period of optimization. Suddenly found that the original content on their website is not set up. In a hurry to rearrange the content again. It took about two weeks. Here I would like to remind you, when doing content, we must take into account the two issues. One is the user is not like, is not required, and the other is to optimize the key words. Otherwise, then rework, it is really a very vexing thing.

originally thought that after these things, began to do the chain and promotion and so on, Baidu should go up, but now my site actually was punished by Baidu, so ranking plummeted, could not find my site, I began to think what was wrong, too dense keyword stuffing or how, but someone told me. You do not change the key word a day, today is 5%, tomorrow is 50%. In this case, the search engine is a big taboo. So I made a big mistake like that. Now Baidu is not punishing too long. I also now strive to do a series of the chain, promotion work, I think Baidu should be >

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