From the meaning of grassroots webmaster talk about personal website development

grassroots meaning

only grassroots webmaster will read this article, but I dare say, more than 50% reading this webmaster do not necessarily understand the meaning of the grassroots, today I will give you the "analysis" what is a grassroots webmaster. Looking at a few articles, coupled with my shallow knowledge of analysis for the two category, of course, you may be an alternative crowd. First, a statement: since it is relatively soft, vernacular, wording is not the right place, please Paizhuan!

first class is the representative of the grassroots surface of the "grass root", also known as the most basic, hard IT workers, these people quietly reproduced and original, they build, operate the site and happy, looking forward to one day, your site will be like 55bbs, Chinaz, hao123 excellent Admin5 and other sites.

second grassroots representatives are real "grass root", these people had the fortitude and perseverance, they have a "grass bursting stone" spirit, at the same time, they consider themselves very good than others, eyes wide, the stage is larger than others. But they are simple, low-key, very love everyone around, not arrogant, very happy and proud.

personal development,

is very obvious, two types of grassroots webmaster, needless to say, we all know where they are positioning, then into the text. Today say grassroots meaning, in fact, no other meaning, is a blow on his website, the two is to allow some people to give yourself a good position, not impetuous, not to be discouraged! Three is to learn from the real grassroots, solid progress, do stand more money! This is the goal of the development of grassroots webmaster only to stand, make more money, it may make your site bigger, from individual operators into company operations, right? I do not boast about, belong to the first class webmaster, so a friend will say, you are second kinds of stationmaster? Answer: I am into second kinds of webmaster, why this? There is a certain reason, and listen to me slowly, since at the beginning of this article is part of the statement the vernacular, let that be a vernacular experience for everyone to hear, say. Garbage removal always has its essence.

1999 2001 windows contact the computer, master the basic operation to play after frame legend, PW, can be said not when the owners had been a fan of the game, the first contact "is from 2002, the first web space of one year old friends may remember the launch of QQ, then apply down do not know what to play, no a few days later gave up and moved to China Unicom free home page, 2003 played a IcpCn free home! The beginning of 2004, not satisfied with others give free space, starting with peanut shell + home PC website, until early 2005 termination, so far come to an end! At the beginning of 2005. Summed up the only free domain name and space might not have development, began to buy virtual machine and nayi.c> (domain name

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