Days of struggle

now I found many Wangzhuan students are! I also for half a year, this year Wangzhuan


, I was a little disappointed when I said I joined the project,

!When I started

contact Wangzhuan, is a large, talk with friends to get some work work! Is in the vicinity of the school to find many odd jobs in the most appropriate place! Is McDonald’s day count by 4.5 yuan, 6 points to 3 points a night! I see the time is too late, it is their price is too low to recruit students I didn’t! My classmates want to go! I give up


was really want to use their spare time to find a job, the job on the Internet, the advertisement post everywhere! I saw the post part-time month 3000 yuan, can be in front of the computer work! I have tried to contact me! He left QQ! That is still 58 of the people that buy a the website 80 yuan! I bought it! Then what also don’t understand! Get web sites do not know what he said, you go to advertising! I wonder what I can do and what website no! I try to put GG advertising, GG advertising is written in a rut called Sina. The blog can earn

dollars!In fact,

bought a website that I didn’t know what was said 58! Still can make money can also have their own website, he said I should believe, as if it were raining flowers! I want to make money for the later! Know cheated, a few days I will not landing on the website, the original still is by 58 a space domain name to register his money! I didn’t know what to do, but do not want to give up, so I find a blog, with dispatch, when GG was sealed, really do not know what to do, so in Baidu search advertising alliance 4 words, one for all registered! But each game over for my blog is two level domain name, many alliances do not support the two level domain name! Later found the results, see can be very happy to put in the blog on the outcome of the placement of authentication code blog registered! First, the results did not succeed, tell me the website is not legitimate, I modified, finally successfully registered! There is a League success is up to hear, I began to make the two league, for a period of time I found the old Darwin delay, data back soon, so I give up Darwin made


now I don’t have a blog, blog to search out Baidu GG! I spent 1 yuan to buy a domain name! Built a free forum, the main game, did not expect good results! · CPA advertising results I love very high price,

!In fact, I use the

time for the results, should be on the line every time I search results, the results of credit, delivery and other results of noun, you will see to the evaluation of the users in the network, some users to promote the best advertising suggestion! Way to think out of their success lies in their


now I’m very happy with my game forum business

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