Local portal management discussion simple and practical it is kingly way

something simple and easy to use, as if nobody likes it.

Many webmaster is

technology was born, so do stand in the process of technical personnel tend to take the thinking to think, to love this website that an anxious, template set one day, as long as there will be many plugins, as if that was a sorry audience, if not that cannot reflect their own this technology! In the process of doing stand, especially the local portal station is a taboo!

I would like to

navigation as an example, some people think that their station is a local portal, not the image problem, then open the Sina Sohu really learn a bunch of people crowded in columns, watching their feel spectacular, thankful intoxicated, come on! Success is successful because to understand empathy, imagine, if you are a visitor, intended to find a rental housing information, see this navigation is how do you think? This navigation bar and what the actual meaning of


navigation of small, big talk is reflected throughout your website ideas, what do you want to show to the users, and to highlight what, and what are the characteristics of the service function, will be reflected in the small place, a simple sentence: must be simple and practical. Here I’ll give you a BlueCMS official demo station for example (see address: http://s.www.bluecms.net/demo/), the idea is very clear, is divided into eight categories, looking for housing, second-hand, recruitment at a glance, netizens can easily access to the information they want, this kind of station users can not love? The Internet is don’t care about your station is not magnificent magnificent, he cares about most is the most can easily find what he wanted, so the webmaster and Why not??

look of the site, the child is father of the man, which related to the user experience and more than one place, I’ll give an example, take the Internet to release life information of the edit box, some stations of the edit box that is simply the madman, what function, it is open to a long time, in fact as long as we in the mind with the bragging jokes jokes gap think for a second, netizen hair is nothing more than his family’s house is what appearance, most were put on a few pieces of photos, you get so much for not saying, let some poor netizens use that hard ah. Good and bad are HTML pages, function is similar, the real distance is not these details, so the local station must pay attention to: simple and practical is the kingly way.

on a local portal article: "business value is the way of existence" local portal in the future and I published many webmaster webmaster nets of the exchange, I also learned a lot, again in this series the idea is just a personal conclusion, error is inevitable, welcome good discussion, thank you for your attention.

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