Filing is really difficult in fact would like to record

Since the new

production department to upgrade the filing system, must have many webmaster in order to give new sites for headache, an identity card number can only register an account (note that I say is the new production of the account, if you want to record the new station) can only contact access providers to add, but it is very difficult to access business contact to.. Many difficulties lead to many owners want to record, but can not record.

my website has already been filed before the new production site upgrades the new system, but then the station doesn’t want to do it, so it’s in the background. "The website is cancelled.". I didn’t cancel the subject, I want to find a new station access access providers on the OK at the time, so I took my record number to my space, asking them to help me get web access, but the space business told me they were just agents, do not have permission to access, to find the local telecom company.. I’m dizzy. Where can I find it?.. Give me the phone hit a lot in the middle, what did not solve the problem, always told me to look for the access provider access.. It’s easy to say, "the access provider is too hard for me to find.". The case of desperation, I can only in the background of new production department website their filing application for cancellation subject (MII had to call, they said after the cancellation can be subject to re fill).. But two weeks passed, but still no cancellation.. Helpless.. Cancellation is so difficult, today is Saturday, they do not work, the phone can not be played.. Can only wait..

hey.. Now the filing is really difficult, not I do not want to record, but it is very troublesome.. Access providers and can not find (at least I can not find), is not every time after a new station, have their own previous record number of the main body canceled, and then re fill.. How many months does it take each time?.. Why must the information be modified by the access provider, so the efficiency is very low?.. Some people say that you can use the ID number of others ah, but I really don’t want to use someone else’s ID number, although we are small owners, but the site is hard to do, or hope that the ID number of their own name.

now many leagues want to submit information, such as Baidu and the first video, if they want to join.. Therefore, there is no record number is very inconvenient.

nagging a few words, it is very depressing.. I wonder if you have ever encountered this kind of situation. />

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