Join the food and beverage industry must see 2015 food industry analysis

China has a very deep cultural heritage of the diet, the entrepreneur is now improving people’s living standards so that the catering industry has become the industry’s most concerned about investors. Perhaps you now know what kind of investment you want to, but you can not determine which brand to join, the following small series will help you analyze the next 2015 catering industry!

the snack snacks profit of around 100%, at least there will be about 60% of the profits (above that is the gross profit), excluding rent and water, electricity and gas, net profit of a snack at around 40%. How easy – Operating catering franchise mode of operation, flexible snack time, can sit shop, mobile, and streets and lanes from the house before can make money, also can be the morning, afternoon, can also can be open all night night, 24 snacks, 1 people can dry seasons, no off-season! No experience, no education, no need too much manpower and funds, as long as you work hard, to choose a good project, you can free gold in snack kingdom.

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