Copy and paste the nternet business Wang Zhidong to grassroots Adsense dry

in Shanghai in 2010 third of the Internet grassroots conference held in Shanghai Rainbow Hotel two floor Jiaqing hall, the original founder, click technology CEO Wang Zhidong made a keynote speech at the meeting, he cited a riff on micro-blog in the opening: "Tang Jun: my success can be replicated, Ma Huateng: my copy can be successful it is said, users can copy, but cannot paste

he jokes that the success of China’s Internet start-ups can be summed up as: China’s ICP C2C model, that is, icp=internet, copy, &, paste, c2c=copy, to, china

below is part of the speech.

mature business model from the United States to copy over the line, but today, now also can be copied now? The market environment: VC, it industrial park more; but now if any one can see the idea, there are numerous team rushed entrepreneurs to compete with each other; another power is the boss, Tencent, Taobao, as well as the national team, CNTV, mobile…… The entrepreneur was asked: what would you do if the Tencent did it?


10th anniversary, Chinese Internet adult ceremony, from millions of users to become the mainstream of the billion level, become a universal; be penetrated into all the power of the industry; the Internet itself has become a strong influence on the mainstream of things, so is the mainstream of supervision have emerged on the video, payment, the real name of small businesses business registration (because it is going to tax) users have been mature, supporting has matured.

is not tolerant enough for the children yet, but now adults need a new one.

‘s success still depends on copying, but not on the UE (UI).

, a idea in the United States, may have only two or three copies, except for patent protection, but because they are absorbing the essence of success, not just the surface of

may not be optimistic at the beginning of the business model, may be successful; find a person who is not optimistic, but he has confidence. Success is possible.

for the people, whenever and wherever possible, all walks of life, so we do not consider the concept of VC is discussed, but consider what the Internet has not been in reality, if the Internet can improve, more and more real operation to be Internet


minor can, but how big? How to become the second jump Longmen ma?? in fact, do the carrier type dish large enough to absorb the numerous enterprises, resources, and allowed to make mistakes; couples wife shops also have a living space; most likely to die, in the expansion of the enterprises are not high dibujiu.

star system; the government should do is to develop two carrier type and small and micro enterprises, the market can be good, but so are those on.

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