How to increase the original content of the website better

in July 2009, Baidu search algorithm for a larger update, so that many webmaster confused. Search engines over the original content of excessive indulgence has become the consensus of the majority of the webmaster. Webmaster should recognize the situation, increase the proportion of original content, really do let the search engine without reason to include your site. The following is the author’s recent practice, and share with you.

, deduction, induction, reorganization, originality,

When the

in our primary school the school had put some content into an article, the statute book, written as a directory, such as in this article is titled "Basics" drinking five vegetable soup, and the content it contains "what is the five vegetable soup?" five vegetable soup what role? "" five vegetable soup to drink? "People never know five vegetable soup to understand five vegetable soup plays a guiding role, the" what is the five vegetable soup "is perhaps from other online excerpt, but after after a simple combination of induction became an original article, but also has a strong readability, this interpretation is that we speak of the original inductive method, to fully understand the knowledge sublimation from perceptual expression Mean. All the articles, after simple sorting, can be re created many original, practical value of the topic.

two, explore potential, careful original


website has a good ranking in the search engine, the original article is generally the ratio of not less than 20% of the original, so is it really so terrible? The answer is negative, such as shopping websites can add a "delivery notice", female websites can be added a "daily reminder" literature website you can add a "original animation" using the original deduction method, or summarize yourself every day to write a original is necessary. Everyone has his own literary cell, so he is lazy rather than stupid.

three, title specification, neat

search engine is harsh, let me take a lot of detours, the first fall is because of the use of hot words too much lead to total articles were right down, second is the title is too long again by the punishment of the search engine, is the best title of more than 10 words less than 25 words, then a long search engine especially Google is not included, short and there may be suspected of optimization, the length of the search engine is neat pet.

four, serious editing, urgent,

attitude determines income. To bend down high income. The content of the random copy is easier to be spurned by the search engine, and the customer will not step on you. The word "garbage station" will probably disappear at the end of 2009. Some minor tips on content editing, such as "five lines of vegetable soup and burdock tea," are included in the text. We can add a hyperlink to the "five row vegetable soup"

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