Enterprise website how to use Baidu library cited traffic

enterprise station in the promotion of SEO to occupy a certain position, enterprise how to rely on SEO to get traffic? SEO often hang in the mouth, it sounds very easy, but it is too difficult to accumulate takes time to get the corresponding results. Such a result, where the content of the enterprise is rarely a very important reason. Many small and medium-sized enterprises, that is, dozens to thousands of pages, the page is too small, it is difficult to do the long tail word optimization. And generally a website most of the traffic from the long tail words, small and medium-sized enterprises can only have no long tail flow, so how should we get more meaningful traffic?


the only method may be drainage, that is, to attract traffic, through the promotion of micro-blog, WeChat promotion and so on, to attract users to click on the enterprise site. This article is to introduce the Baidu library drainage method, perhaps many people have practiced, the following I share their own view:

1. How to set library titles better?

Baidu library and Baidu know has been a good platform to do promotion, because Baidu library and Baidu know rankings are good, but now brush Baidu know more difficult, so also Baidu docs. However, you can go to some special Baidu library team or individual, the price is not very expensive. Companies can share some of the product related articles, such as product usage, notes, and so forth. When sharing Baidu libraries, you need to pay attention to the title settings. The title is best to include long tail words that want to be promoted, such as "how to lose weight more effectively", so that if the library ranking is OK, then it can attract a lot of traffic. However, these long tail word competition degree to lower, otherwise, Baidu library is also difficult to have good ranking.

two, about the selection of Baidu library content

is the best library already mentioned above, the contents of the article, but the products of the same type articles, many are already highly repetitive, really want to let Baidu fast included library, and the ranking is very good, it can only enhance the quality of the content of the Baidu library. Conditional, it is best to write, sort out some of the original content of the high, but also to the library URL release some of the chain, to help improve the link weight. Baidu library is actually a soft text, in soft text, usually to insert advertising information and links, but Baidu library need to review, if add too many links, must be deleted. In this regard, you can find an experienced person responsible for your release, the company’s own release, the estimated rate of adoption is not high,

three, Baidu library drainage, you should pay attention to some details,

is not only for Baidu library, there are other types of libraries, such as watercress nets, etc., these can attract some traffic, but do library promotion time. Must pay attention to some details, such as: Library survival time, library content, etc., the library will soon be deleted, there is no practical effect of nature, library content can not suck

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