nnovation and Entrepreneurship speed up the construction of science and technology green business

technology venture is the most promising business module, entrepreneurship is of concern, there are more business advantages, the kylin Innovation Park Innovation Incubator, a new platform to bring more technology entrepreneurs.

2 26, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee to Longxiang kylin Science Park research. He stressed that the kylin innovation park to consciously practice the "five ideas", earnestly implement the construction of the "Four city", the development of "five oriented economy" deployment requirements, to strengthen the planning and construction management, accelerate the construction of science and technology, green, entrepreneurship, happy new kylin.

in the subsequent meeting of the forum, listened to the Branch Park kylin Cheung responsible comrades made the work report, affirmed the achievements since the establishment of the park.

of kylin Branch Chong Park next work, Longxiang requirements, highlight the innovation and opening, to develop an open economy, to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of economic park; highlight the green development, increase environmental remediation efforts to effectively enhance the park ecological livable level; outstanding coordination sharing, promote the overall development of low-income housing construction, education, health care, pension and other the work of the people’s livelihood, improve people’s sense of satisfaction and gain.

outstanding strictly from the real, to comprehensively strengthen the party’s construction, strictly regulate the selection and appointment of cadres, provide a strong political guarantee for the development and construction of the park. He hopes the kylin innovation park staff continue to carry forward the fine style of solidarity, hard work, intentnesses development, ningxinjuli career, to make new and greater contributions "to a new level, the construction of new Nanjing".




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