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Author: Kang’ai many online pharmacies founder Wang Yanxiong

Kang’ai multi chain was founded in July 2010, in May 2011 to get online pharmacy qualification, launched in August 2011, the enterprise has a short history. At present, our daily UV (independent visitors) is about 200 thousand, the highest in the industry. Independent website on how to measure, say complex is actually simple, sales = flow × conversion rate × customer unit price, do flow, conversion rate and unit price, sales came.


How does


?Where does the

traffic come from? Nothing less than free traffic and paid traffic. The sources of free traffic include direct access, SEO, new media, etc.. Paid traffic is mainly SEM, CPS, CPC, hard wide and other methods. Many people say that the flow is expensive, a visitor to two hundred, perhaps more than, perhaps not, the key depends on how you do, what you did, and there is no strong ability. Why doesn’t Taobao use two hundred of its traffic? Isn’t that the denial of two hundred dollars?

How does

do paid traffic? SEM, CPC, hard wide, or otherwise, each requires different capabilities.

The first thing

SEM needs is strategy. As far as I know, many of the pharmaceutical electricity supplier’s SEM is outsourced, but we do it ourselves. Although it’s hard to do at first, it’s difficult, but if you don’t have a good combination with the variety, a good combination with the key words, there is no background to follow the data again, the conversion rate is not up.

secondly, we need talented people. SEM needs a very professional person and needs a large number of people.

third, there must be scale. The size depends on your signed agreement with the search engine. Signed a large agreement, a variety of search engines can give you thesaurus, or else the cost will lose.

fourth, to have good products, there are more products included higher.

fifth should be evaluated. Be good at SEM and have strong system support. Your competitive words, bidding words, or disease words, brand words, you must have a systematic monitoring of the effect, if you do not have the support of the data, you do not know what happened behind.

CPS also has many requirements. For example, you and the launch of anastomosis site? If a sell drugs to beautiful places like, said to be appropriate? Do you sell goods and love the users of this website fit? Your product advertisement is done well? These will influence the effect.

pay traffic and free traffic have many ways of getting access, each channel needs to have different capabilities. Which traffic is available or easy to build,


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