Make the best use of the Matthew effect to win in the competition website

as a personal webmaster, want to make a world of their own in the face of various Internet giant competition in the Internet market, share their own a share of that model has been successfully by Internet giant successful development has become increasingly unrealistic, after all, you don’t have that strong capital, talent, contacts and so on all kinds of resources, yet another reality cannot be ignored when the site is developed to a certain scale, more accessible to more users, make development more smooth, and small sites are facing the development of various kinds of difficult problems, difficult to development which would reflect the Everything is going smoothly., and confirms the "the connotation and thought of Matthew effect". However, the correct understanding and use of the "Matthew effect" can make a small owners in the face with the Internet giant competition, obtain satisfactory effect.

it should start from the "Matthew effect" of the meaning of this theory comes from the "Bible · a story in the New Testament": a journey before the king, gave three servants money a person, told them: "you have to do business, when I came back to see me again." When the king returned, the first servant said, "master, you have given us a piece of silver, and I have made 10 spindles."." So the king rewarded him with 10 cities. The second servant reported: "master, you gave me a piece of silver, I have earned 5 spindles."." So the king rewarded him with 5 towns. Third servants reported: "master, you gave me a piece of silver, I have been wrapped in towels, kept, I am afraid of losing, has not been taken out."." Then the king ordered the third servant Mina also gave the first servant, and said: "there is little, even what he has will be taken away. Any more, even to him, call him The more, the better." This is the Matthew effect, which is widely used in the market competition". In the competition of similar websites, the Matthew effect is obvious. A well-known community, for example, is more likely to attract new customers than a new community. It’s like as we in the face of small owners in a certain area has the dominance of large sites, smooth degree of their development or obtain new opportunities or new user traffic, we are much better than these "later".

so, want to obtain certain achievement in this competition, we must re walk and they like the old can not use our weaknesses to challenge their advantages, otherwise only be effective, work not completed. We need to use the "Matthew effect", to make yourself stronger than them! Because they can not catch up with them in the scale of website, so we can do is in some ways beyond them, make our advantages in some aspects, allowing users to see and be attracted to and from the point to surface, the use of the unique advantages of the site in some respects and big website competition success.

wants our small and medium-sized website to establish own superiority in some aspects, beyond the large-scale website in the profession, the stationmaster may consider unifies own website to decide

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