Network TV download station day 10 thousand P skills sharing next

Hello, have been busy these days not to write today, take the time to write about, here I talk about these two years do stand experience, I hope to help you! I wrote that "network TV download station on the 10 thousand IP" is mainly about the promotion skills to share skills and operational direction this experience, I mainly talk about the

operation skills!

one, first for the promotion of pictures techniques to talk about:

image promotion, I love the picture, then I is how to promote? Love you sometimes get to write funny pictures, sometimes using others as the picture changes, usually GIF animation format, so you can use FW drawing software for each frame to modify, add keywords or their own the URL, so when the QQ group released, if the picture effect is good, then 1 and 10, 10 hundred, the clock index rising trend, estimate your bad music, of course, those pictures you need to have creative thinking! Well, the flow of good


image promotion skills, so I for example a, like I’m in a strange group, want to put an advertisement in the public inside, then how can we put in a strange group of public inside? Take my website! If you want to use Internet TV website information "very good:" this information, which is also the advertising information, put in public! Then I and group sent a message, "Lord, to me the advertising information on your public, how? I’ll give you 10 yuan a day for half a year, so are you touched the main estimate. Then the main group in the group can not help you write" in public good network television network information? Then I analyze, attention! Group in advertising for a week, everyone knows, then you need to do not need half a year? It is the first, and the main meaning of what, then, you can create pictures in the group, the picture contains its own website promotion information, but also contains and group advertising information, also is the picture wrote "Lord, you help me to" certain information "on the group announcement okay? I’ll give you $10 for 1 days, half do!" is certain information you want to popularize information! So group members see, think, him so blessed, so members attach great importance to the advertisement, can not see the point in


this idea is just an effective idea, and the main meaning, put an advertisement in the public, do not immediately put in public, in fact, do not need to put him in public, only a few times with a picture in the group, click on the estimated rate will more than 9. Also, you are the main group of goodwill, not to kick you out of the group, at last: a penny does not need to give him


just got 10 group, each group of 100 people, so every 500IP is inevitable! In addition, such as the forum map post, can also use this method, the moderator is also the person is different, he has the forum management authority, we do not have it! "

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